Weekend inspiration: the value of shooting every day

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We are three conversations into our family photography 101 feature, where we ask our favourite photographers how they approach their own family stories—and it’s already given us clever kid-wrangling tricks, fun apps and indispensable gear, and of course, indispensable advice. But so far, one of the common encouragements?


It’s a universal rallying cry among photography enthusiasts, pro or otherwise—and one of my very favourite photo-friends is among the most devoted of documenting daily adventures. Kristin Zecchinelli of Maine Momma (and fellow founding contributor of the ever-evolving Shutter Sisters) weaves story after story—a family hike, apple-picking, and changing seasons.

Images shared with permission from Kristin Zecchinelli

What drives her is the creative challenge of Project 365—a vow to create an image every day. While it sounds simple enough, it’s somewhat of a marathon, though its primary result isn’t merely 365 (give or take) photographs. It’s the habit and discipline of grabbing your camera or smart phone on your way out the door, and creating not just snapshots, but visual stories.

“Getting through my own Project 365 was just taking a moment each day to be thankful, for anything. On some days, that is not easy. But I hoped if I completed the project, I could look back lovingly on my year, and that one day my kids would have this and see what little something each day made me smile. And perhaps they too would learn that there is beauty in the every day.” —Kristin Zecchinelli

We could not have said it better. Follow along with Kristin at Maine Momma, or browse her gorgeous Flickr stream, and we promise—you’ll get that spark back for the everyday.