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DIY Wall Art: life size photo decal

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Beautify your walls with this easy DIY project

Follow the simple steps below to turn your favorite landscape photo into DIY wall art.  With the help of our free downloadable template, you’ll be able to create this project in 10 minutes!

1. Click to download the DIY wall art Photoshop template below:

Impressed App DIY Wall Art Template for Photoshop

2. Select your desired landscape image for this project.

We recommend one that is 30.25 x 20.25 inches with a resolution of 150 dpi (the higher the better, always)

3. In Photoshop, import your image into the downloaded template, making sure it’s below the ‘Guides’ folder so you can see the guides layered on top.

In the next few steps, you’ll break up your image into 6 pieces using the template and guides provided:

4. Starting with square 1 in your template, use the crop tool to crop to the size of your square (making sure you crop to the outside of the darker grey areas- this will account for bleed), like the preview below.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.33.41 PM

5. Once cropped, hide the ‘Guides’ folder by clicking the eye in the layers panel.

6. Save your square as a .jpg.

7. Once your square is saved, click: Edit > Step Backward to get back to your full template.

8. Repeat for squares 2-6.

9. In Impressed App, select the 10×10 decal set, pop your 6 squares in and you’re good to go!

10. Receive printed decals and assemble on your wall using tape/pencil guides as a line to keep them straight.

DIY wall art project- turn your favorite landscape photo into a life size wall decal with this how-to. -Impressed App

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9 cute photos to take of your kids this week | Kid photography | Impressed blog

9 Photo Ideas for Kids

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Photography is all about capturing the things, places and people you love. While most parents are snap-happy when it comes to their littles, they often aren’t aware of all the possibilities.  There is no shortage of inspiration out there for creatively capturing the beauty in your babes.  Below, we’ve teamed up with Mingo Kids to share 9 great photo ideas for shots of your kids.  No need to be a pro, or even have a fancy DSLR, just a smartphone will do!  We hope you find them as helpful as we do!

Impressed x Mingo guide | 9 cute photos to take of your kids this week

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Made with love gift guide: dog canvas

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At Impressed, our belief is that the best gifts are made with love.  When I look back at holidays past, my most memorable gifts have been ones that were handmade by loved ones, and created with thought, time and tons of love.  I honestly couldn’t recount which gifts were purchased for me last year, but I can recall the fuzzy feelings I experienced almost a decade ago, when unwrapping a cookbook full of my favorite family recipes, all handwritten and put together by my parents when I first moved out on my own.  The hours they must have spent!  It has moved around the country with me, sits among my collection of cookbooks and makes me happy every time I see it. Read More

Impressed app | get your friends together and host a photo trading party

A Photo Trading Party & How to Host One

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Last week, the lovely Aprille Balsom (aka. @apebalsom) had her gals @heatherwiles, @deanng and @suckiebb over for a photo trading party over candy and ciders.

Nowadays, we so rarely take the time to print the photos we capture of our memories, let alone the time to relive them.  Studies have shown that looking at photos of your friends can actually boost happiness by raising your oxytocin levels.

Instead of letting your favorite moments get lost on your camera roll, why not gather the people who helped make them and host a photo exchange? Read More


6 Low Maintenance Houseplants Anyone Can Handle

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Fall is the January of fashion.  We also like to think of it as a perfect opportunity to re-vamp our spaces.  New season, new wardrobe, new home.  After a crazy Summer, we kind of look forward to settling back into a routine and getting on with nesting season (along with a few other Fall things).

One thing we really miss about Summer is the vibrancy of the greenery all around us.  We can’t stand to be away from it for another 8 months, so we’ve decided to bring the green in!  And, we’ve done all the research so you can too.  Since we are often low on time, we’ve found 6 low-maintenance houseplants anyone can handle.  No green thumb?  No problem.

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Creating an Insta-Worthy Home

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Ever wonder how the people behind those beautiful Instagram accounts continually manage to have the most picture perfect home set-ups?  It’s as if they went to the secret Instagram store to pick-up the quintessential bed sheets, coffee cups, florals and tabletops and had a stylist come through before the day’s grams.  Since this elusive shop doesn’t exist (yet!), and we can confirm that for the most part, these Instagrammers are a one man show, we have the next best thing to help you create an Insta-worthy home.  Get the scoop from these 3 talented Instagrammers who have a knack for just that. Read More