Say hello to talented Instagrammer @apebalsom

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This past week, we were lucky to have Aprille Balsom, the talent behind the @apebalsom Instagram account, take over our feed and give us a little tour of LA on a recent work trip.  Besides crisp and cozy photographs, her feed is also chock-full of adventures, fashion and a cute French bulldog named Bug.  Below, we get to know Aprille a little bit better and get a glimpse into what makes this girl tick…

[LA palms from @apebalsom’s takeover of the Impressed Instagram feed]


Born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

You in 25 words:

I’m a social media-obsessed fashion junkie who likes to document my life in pictures. I also love nothing more than watching movies with my boyfriend & puppy (when I have time).


Where do you currently live and what’s your favorite thing about your city?

I moved to Toronto about 2 ½ years ago for school. I always wanted to live in a bigger city and be in the middle of everything. I love how Toronto is made up of different neighborhoods that are all so different from one another; it gives the city more character.

What do you do for a living?

I currently work at Brandy Melville Canada as the stock manager. I also run their social media and play around with the visuals.

It’s obvious that you have a very creative spirit-what do you do when you encounter a creative block?

I spend a lot of time on social media, partly because it is my job but also because I enjoy it. I always keep a photo album on my phone of images that I come across on Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr, it’s kind of like a mood board. Outfits I like, home décor, or even the way the photo was taken are some of the reasons why I’ll save an image. Whenever I am in need of a little extra inspiration I will look through the album, it usually does the trick, or I will go shopping. I always get inspired to show off my new shoes or décor I just bought.

Do you remember your first ever Instagram post and how do you feel your feed has evolved since then?

My first post is actually still on my feed. It’s from the night before I moved to Toronto. I took it from my boyfriend’s backyard as the sun was setting. At that point I was using Instagram simply for a personal use and to connect with my friends. After a while, I began to look at my feed more as a way to be creative and started using it as a portfolio. I now focus on showcasing my personal style, travel adventures, favorite foods, and decor taste all with a minimalistic feel. I also try to stay consistent on how my photos are taken, edited, and captioned, it flows a lot better that way.

[My first-ever Instagram post: taken from my boyfriend’s backyard as the sun was setting, the night before I moved to Toronto.]

What do you normally shoot with?

Lately I have been going back and forth between my Canon Rebel T3i and my iPhone 6. I use my iPhone when I am out and on the go, however if I am home or have my camera with me I opt for my Canon.

Do you have a go-to photo-editing app?

Although I use a few different apps to edit, my go-to is definitely Afterlight, it has everything you need and more. I also love how customizable it is.

Top 3 Insta-crushes?
  1. Rima_rama
  2. mija_mija
  3. Piggyandpolly
Favorite items for a quick space refresh?

Crisp new bedding: Add a couple pillows, or change your duvet; it can dramatically change a space in an instant. Plus, who doesn’t love fresh new sheets?

Plants, especially cacti: They’re cute, easy to look after, and make every space a little happier. Once your bored of them, change up their placement throughout your home and it will feel like new

Photos: Polaroids, posters, photographs, and prints are all simple and easy ways to add a personal touch to any space. You can add just one or create a wall of photos depending on where you want to put them and your personal taste.

[My favourite space, my bedroom.]

What décor trend are you lusting over at the moment?

I’ve always been a huge lover of white décor, which conveniently seems to be trending right now. I also really love the minimalistic feel, simple and basic, which in my opinion is always in style.

Describe your perfect Sunday?

The perfect Sunday would include waking up without any alarms and exploring a different part of the city with my boyfriend and our puppy, Bug ( Grabbing some food at a new restaurant, doing some shopping, and ending off the day on the sofa watching a movie.

What is currently at the top of your wanderlust wish list?

Right now I’m really obsessing over going to Fiji, it’s so beautiful and exotic. There’s an underwater hotel there that I would love to stay at. I also really want to go on a road trip across America for a few weeks, exploring and taking photos of everything along the way.

With the world as your playground, what is your favorite?
  • Bar: Trapper John’s, St. John’s, Newfoundland, it’s one of the top ten pubs in Canada according to Reader’s Digest, plus it’s also a museum.
  • Shop: Vintage Stores on Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, the best vintage I have ever shopped.
  • People-watching destination: Marina Boardwalk, Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol, Spain. There’s always so much going on- restaurants, street vendors, tourists, the beach. You can sit there with a coffee and a book for hours.
  • Date-night spot: Like I said, I love the movies so probably grabbing dinner and catching a movie.
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9 Tips for Capturing Photos of Children in Interesting and Beautiful Settings

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Meet Danielle Chassin, the woman behind the @hippieindisguise Instagram account: self-taught hobby iPhone photographer, adventure-seeker and mama to the beautiful Ro and Sen.  We were recently acquainted with her through her Instagram feed and were instantly attracted to the gorgeous candid photographs she posts of her children in unique settings (99% of them taken within walking distance from her downtown Ottawa home!). 

This week, we were lucky enough to have Danielle share some tips on capturing great photos of children…

Capturing great photos is about actively looking around you, learning to spot beauty in the everyday.  I don’t travel great distances to perfect locations, I make the most of what’s around me.  Capturing great photos of children is about ensuring children are happy and comfortable around the camera; this will let you take candid or natural-looking photos, with a range of facial expressions. Here are some of my tips for capturing great photos of children.


  1. Look for beautiful features in natural and city landscapes, such as a flowering bush, or in infrastructure, such as murals. In wide landscapes you can get bright colourful backgrounds, like grass, gardens, and trees; their natural beauty will only enhance your photos. With natural beauty surrounding the children, your photos will look much more compelling. In the city, you can find beautiful and simple back drops, such as a brick wall or a mural on the side of a store. If you take adventures on foot in your city, you will find that lots of alleys and buildings have murals, stone work and other interesting features.
  2. Walk around your city, actively look at your surroundings, explore new streets, parks, fields and alleys. You will start to notice all kinds of beautiful backdrops for your photos, like a building with ivy growing on it, a bed of flowers in front of a government building, fruit and vegetable stalls at the market, or an old stone wall.
  3. Try to isolate a dominant or single aspect of the landscape to be the background. If you are at a park with treed areas, a play structure, and fences, this makes for a busy background that may draw attention away from the children, who should be the focus of your photo. Choose a simple background, for example, have the child lay back on the grass, this way the simple background of green texture, will allow the eye to focus on the subject of the photo. This tends to be particularly important when shooting with a basic camera like a phone, since you cannot adjust the depth of field and blur out busy background features.
  4. Remember that good framing can make an ordinary setting interesting. In parks there are often fences in the background; I like to make sure these aren’t in frame, as they distract from the natural landscape. Try a close up shot that cuts out the fence or ask the children to stand in front of a tree trunk or bush. However, if you can’t find an interesting angle that cuts out the fence, then use the fence to your advantage: make it the dominant aspect of your background by asking the children to stand in front of it. Being in a new setting, like a new alley that the children haven’t been in, will probably make them curious, they will be interested in their surroundings and will likely be less aware of the camera. They will interact with the space, and this will give you nice natural photos.
  5. Try different angles. A photo can draw a lot of interest by taking an extreme angle on the subjects. This means taking the photo from high above the subjects and aiming the camera down or a much lower angle and aiming the camera up. Try to experiment with angles; most people shoot straight on, this can make a beautiful photo, but it might not be unique or interesting.
  6. Take photos from behind and from the side, especially if the children don’t want their photo taken. This is a way to get a photo without their facial expression affecting the quality of the image.
  7. Adjusting the cropping your photos after can make them more interesting, or eliminate flaws, such as unflattering facial expressions or blur. With most people taking digital photos, this is easy to do.
  8. Don’t let the children know you are taking photos and/or Don’t ask the children to look at the camera. This is my number one tip. When children are asked to look at the camera and smile, or they know a photo is being taken, they often become too self-aware, they over-smile, or make a stiff pose. These photos don’t often look very good. I always take a set of photos with the children looking around, doing whatever they want, and then a final few frames with them looking at the camera. I call their name to get their attention, and they look toward me, with a natural expression.
  9. Take lots of photos. You will are more likely to get something beautiful or interesting this way.


About Danielle

Danielle works by day as a Government Advisor. Her passions are her children, adventuring, writing and photography. You can see more of Danielle’s photography by following her on Instagram or VSCO, or on her soon to be launched website.

Instagram: @hippieindisguise



Email: [email protected]

Photo Stories 101: Photos Inspiring Our Actions

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Photography has really made huge strides over the last 10 years. Not just by going digital and creating a new visual way to communicate but by seeing our lives through a photojournalistic lens. Instead of how we spend our time dictating what photos we take, more and more, the photos we want to take are dictating how we spend our time. It’s fascinating to see this shift. Because people are using social networks like Instagram and Facebook as a kind of visual life journal, we are being inspired to act by seeing what others are shooting and doing. Here are some examples of photo stories that would inspire us to do something!

This collection of gorgeous Instagram shots from photographer @annanovak of her trip to Maine makes me nostalgic for my seaside place of birth in Nova Scotia - mental note, book a trip for the summer to take the kids exploring the beaches, seaweed, shells, rocks and creatures of the East Coast tidal 3American adventuress living abroad @quiteheatherly is always making me bump Europe to the top of my travel destinations list. So much so that I just booked a trip to one of my favourite Euro destinations, Italy, for the end of May. Carpe Diem, as they say. On a smaller scale, this particular story inspires me to visit my local market and have a French-inspired picnic spread and a great bottle of red for a stay-at-home date night this 2Our previous blog contributors and subjects @kate_inglis, @mikekus and @mainemomma have also inspired us to act. To plan a weekend family adventure at the seashore and end a crisp Fall day with a freshly baked loaf of pumpkin bread.1780bMike Favourite Instagram 12Mmmm. Now I have spicy pumpkin carbohydrate goodness on the brain - must squeeze some baking into this weekend…


Photo Stories 101: Tea Time

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I’ve always liked the idea of High Tea. Tiered trays of tiny soft sandwiches and sticky sweets…flaky scones with butter and jam. And of course the ‘slow’ ritual of steeping and pouring fragrant teas from Eastern Lands into delicate cups on saucers. And then there’s the average Brit’s slightly less romantic interpretation, where the term ‘Tea’ refers to their dinner or a late afternoon meal eaten in the hours of 4-7pm. Whatever the words conjure up in your imagination, ‘Tea Time’ was what has inspired our Photo Story idea this week. Read More

Photo Book Challenge: It’s a Wrap!

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Last Saturday Impressed held its First Photo Book Challenge at Pikto during the annual Toronto Christmas Market. It was a chilly day at the Distillery so everyone was grateful for the warm place to land and the gingerbread cookies! The crowd was a mix of those who brought in their iPads to print photos they carefully pre-selected, to those who saw our sign and decided to take the challenge of making a photo book in 10 minutes, streaming photos from their iPhones or their Social Media Accounts.

The photo books ranged from special events, friends, and travel, to family, food and weddings. All in all, it was a big success and we can’t wait for everyone to see their new Impressed photo books!

Don’t forget about our #BOWTO Contest: show us how you are celebrating the season by taking a photo with a bowtie, hashtag it #BOWTO, and share it on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest for a chance to win a Year of Photo Books.


Here for the Holidays and Dressed to Impress: Limited Edition ‘Black Tie’ Photo Book!

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Introducing a new photo book design - our Limited ‘Black Tie’ Edition - to make your photo book gifting that much more special this holiday season. Just in time for Black Friday and available only here for the Holidays, the Black Tie book comes in a sleek matte black theme with a stunning black linen interior that elevates your gift and your photos to ‘Black Tie’ status.

We wanted to create a book that makes a unique and special gift you can’t get anywhere else, with a design that really conveys the celebratory nature of the season. This is just the first of our Limited  Editions in the App as a way to make one-of-a-kind ultra high quality photo books at a great price point of $29, in a matter of just minutes.

This month we are lucky to be able to feature the inspiring photography of Karen Walrond in the Black Tie book so get the app and take a little trip to Paris with us!

The ‘Black Tie’ Book is available over the holidays until Jan 15th and is kicking off with a free shipping offer for, fittingly, Black Friday weekend– from Wed, Nov 27th to Monday, Dec 2nd. Send personalized gifts from the comfort of your sofa - what could be better?

The Greatest Kid-Gift Ever: Let Them Make Their Own Photobook

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You know those little treats you’ve found on your phone or iPad. Tongues stuck-out, samples of lego mastery, hee-hee-ha-ha moments when your back was turned and they let loose with 40 shots of goofy dances, then decorated after-the-fact with that app that turns everybody’s face into ‘Minecraft Steve’.

Here’s a thought: thinking ahead to Christmas, why not give them a thrill by putting the kids in charge of creating their very own photobook?

Encourage them to decide what they want to include: their rooms, their creations, their drawings and stuffie toys; their funny faces, their friends. Let them do the shooting and decorating, if that’s their thing—there are a ton of post-processing apps out there that turn images into lego, or pixels, or that add little monsters or funny lips, noses, or ears after-the-fact (some of our favourites include #WayCooler, Minecraft PhotoFX, and LEGO Photo).

Let it be a creative project, and then surprise them with a real, printed book of all their adventures. Let them take it to school to show around, and then use as an autograph book.

It’s a golden rule of parenting, I figure—we may as well go with the flow, and celebrate what *they* think is funny, what *they* think is cool. Way cooler. —Kate Inglis

Inspiration Tuesday: Moms of Instagram

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Ana of Bluebird Kisses created the fabulous series Moms of Instagram and since then, we’ve been soaking it up. So many inventive and wonderful family captures—and all with the little phone cameras we keep at-hand. And it’s not just photographs: it’s an inspirational nudge along with know-how.

The things that connect us are our shared loves, styles, and enthusiasms. Even our thoughts on decor, holiday rituals, and adventures come through in our photos. Instagram is how we make those connections—and these moms, by sharing their family lives so beautifully, make artful storytelling that much more possible. For cues on how to begin weaving a narrative of your family life, browse through Ana’s virtual supper party. It’ll get you revved up—along with giving you a wealth of new talents to follow—Kate Inglis

A lesson: capturing celebration

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Food writer and filmmaker Aube Giroux shares her love of cooking on her farm-to-table blog Kitchen Vignettes, and in turn with the good folks at PBS Food. Today, she inspires us with a creative challenge: the next time you have one of those grand holiday gatherings—Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday—try capturing it with a storyteller’s eye for the whole affair. Not only the festivities, the people, and the table,  but the food, the preparation, the sun gleaming through the last of the leaves on the trees. How does your family celebrate?

Aube Giroux is a passionate organic gardener and home cook who likes to share the stories of how food gets to our dinner plates. Her work has been shown on television and at international film festivals. In 2012, she was the recipient of Saveur Magazine’s Best Food Blog award in the video category.