The Greatest Kid-Gift Ever: Let Them Make Their Own Photobook

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You know those little treats you’ve found on your phone or iPad. Tongues stuck-out, samples of lego mastery, hee-hee-ha-ha moments when your back was turned and they let loose with 40 shots of goofy dances, then decorated after-the-fact with that app that turns everybody’s face into ‘Minecraft Steve’.

Here’s a thought: thinking ahead to Christmas, why not give them a thrill by putting the kids in charge of creating their very own photobook?

Encourage them to decide what they want to include: their rooms, their creations, their drawings and stuffie toys; their funny faces, their friends. Let them do the shooting and decorating, if that’s their thing—there are a ton of post-processing apps out there that turn images into lego, or pixels, or that add little monsters or funny lips, noses, or ears after-the-fact (some of our favourites include #WayCooler, Minecraft PhotoFX, and LEGO Photo).

Let it be a creative project, and then surprise them with a real, printed book of all their adventures. Let them take it to school to show around, and then use as an autograph book.

It’s a golden rule of parenting, I figure—we may as well go with the flow, and celebrate what *they* think is funny, what *they* think is cool. Way cooler. —Kate Inglis