With the end of the school year behind us, and drawers full of artwork that the kids have generated, we always find ourselves feeling a little overwhelmed by all the paper clutter.  Our friend Agnes of Hello Wonderful has a genius solution for saving that stack of kids artwork neatly.

Digitize it and display it in a tidy photo book, one for each child and school year.

Steps below.

Organizing + Preserving the Kids Artwork

Step one

At the end of the school year, have the kids help you pick their favorites to go into their Art Book.

Step two

Photograph each piece of artwork or craft project using your phone.  Agnes suggests doing this on a white background for consistency throughout the book.

Tip: take your photos in a well lit area such as near a window, or outside, and stand above the artwork to capture it at a parallel angle.

Step three

Upload photos directly into a photo printing service like Impressed App.

It’s that simple!

Kids love looking through their Art Books and remembering all the artwork and projects they’ve created.

Get Impressed App

Make your art book using Impressed App here.

photo by Agnes Hsu





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How to display kids artwork
A simple solution for the drawers full of kids artwork: Photograph and digitize it and make a tidy photo book in 3 steps. It's really easy and the kids love looking through it.
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