Did you know that 80% of the world’s maple syrup is made in Canada and 91% of that is made in the province of Quebec alone?

Canada is turning 150 this year.  With the long weekend approaching, we put together some Canadiana facts into a fortune teller game to help entertain you and the kids on your next car ride.

Get your free Canadiana Fortune Teller printable here.

How to play:

Step 1

Ask the player to pick an icon, then spell the icon’s name by opening or closing the fortune teller for each letter with your hand.

Step 2

Once the first icon is spelled, look inside the fortune teller and ask them to choose another icon.  Spell that icon out, opening and closing the fortune teller for each letter counted.

Step 3

Ask the player to choose one last icon, and open the corresponding flap to get a Canadiana fact!