We have a simple recipe for proof of a life well lived: print who and what you love, print where you’ve been, and print where you want to go next.

Perhaps 2016 brought on motherhood, a new start, or simply the continuation of a never-boring life with your favorites.  To help you document it, we’ve put together our top photo book title ideas, and the starts to great collections for reminders of that wonderful life of yours.

Our Top 30 Photo Book Title Ideas for your 2016


oh what a year

2016 captured

two thousand (sixteen)

(start a template and make your yearly book a tradition for years to come)

Life with the Allen littles

Walker Family 2016

2016: A Year to Remember

Year One- Mimi 

(build a collection of your childrens’ years in review)

Harvey’s First Year

Chronicles of 2016

hello 2016


2016 in review

Winter 2016

2016 souvenirs

Best of 2016

twelve months

(for baby’s first year)

it was a good year

2016: our everyday

Peace out 2016

2016 highlights

When I was THREE

Photo Journal Volume 1

(for the avid Instagrammer)

Toronto Life

Owen Jenson 2016

(a review of each child’s year)

Leaping & Bounding 2016

NYC 2016

(print a specific trip)

Ellie & Ava 2016

Harper goes to the cottage 2016

(tell stories of the kids they’ll love to look back on)

The Clarkes Volume 1


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