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Life Well Lived: those perfectly candid family shots

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Say hello to Maartje: mama and primary school teacher, known online as @ourlittlephotodiary.  Her life well-lived consists of beach days with her boys and home projects to cozy up her family’s space (including a new garden canopy for those wine evenings spent with friends).  Read on as Maartje talks to us about how she manages to get those perfectly imperfect candid family shots and interior inspiration. Read More


Life Well-Lived: natural portraits + light play

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Meet this month’s inspiring customer: Sara, aka @saraspectrum.  She describes her life well-lived as balancing work with time outdoors, a little adventure and slow mornings (with tea!), which is easy when your backyard is the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  Scrolling through Sara’s Instagram feed is like flipping through a lifestyle magazine and has got us inspired to add more of these elements to our own everyday.  Read on as Sara tells us how she achieves such beautiful natural portraits and her tips for playing with light.  Read More

Easy steps to creating your own photo adventure

Your Next Photo Adventure How-To

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Recently, as a team building exercise, we went on a Hole in the Wall Food Crawl, organized by our team leaders.  It was such a pleasant surprise and ended up being an incredibly memorable event.

The crawl included 7 gems we may have otherwise missed in the city.  Each had offerings of small portions we could try.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon, fill our bellies, hang out, and try a few new foods.  Crawling around the city also permitted for great photo opportunities.

With your city as your playground, we challenge you to plan your own photo adventure.  It’s a great excuse to get outside, spend some time with your faves without breaking the bank and snap a few pics with fresh inspiration. Read More

bedside table styling for happy travel dreams

Style Your Bedside Table for Happy Dreams

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If we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, shouldn’t we ensure that time is happy, relaxing and restorative?  It would only make sense to style our bedside tables with the things that would make us smile as we get ready for bed at night and as we wake in the morning.

If you’re a globetrotter at heart, like us, and always planning your next adventure, consider our 4 elements to creating a bedside table for dreams of wanderlust (and scroll to the bottom of this post to enter to win the look!).

Our essentials to styling your bedside table for happy travel dreams

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5 Kid-Friendly Getaways to Book Now

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We can’t believe how quickly summer has been flying by.  And we want need one more getaway. Recently, we were delighted to discover Kid & Coe, a site dedicated to helping you find gorgeous vacation homes that are also family-friendly.  What a difference it makes to get that at-home feeling when far away.

Committed to giving summer one last hurrah, we picked out 5 Labour Day weekend kid-friendly getaways that are still available now! Read More


Cabin Porn: picture yourself here.

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With Summer in full swing here in the city, we’re suffering from cabin fever.  We’ve been dreaming of a rustic getaway, off the grid, in an eclectically beautiful cabin.  The idea of disconnecting from the world, with nothing but good company, a book to bury our noses in, a woodsy view and a good cuppa is so appealing right now.

The world wide web at our fingertips, we’ve just spent the better part of our morning daydreaming away and gathering some seriously good cabin porn for you to admire too.

Picture you in any one of these situations…

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