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Minimize your Digital Clutter: 3 Essential Tips for De-cluttering your Phone’s Camera Roll

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Say hello to Danielle Chassin, also known as @hippieindisguise: mama to the sweet Ro and Sen, iPhone photographer, and ambassador for slow, eco, minimal living.

This week, we are so grateful to have her share her tips on how she keeps that digital clutter of hers under control, while still capturing her family’s growing list of adventures. Read More


Life Well-Lived: natural portraits + light play

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Meet this month’s inspiring customer: Sara, aka @saraspectrum.  She describes her life well-lived as balancing work with time outdoors, a little adventure and slow mornings (with tea!), which is easy when your backyard is the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  Scrolling through Sara’s Instagram feed is like flipping through a lifestyle magazine and has got us inspired to add more of these elements to our own everyday.  Read on as Sara tells us how she achieves such beautiful natural portraits and her tips for playing with light.  Read More

Life Well-Lived: gallery walls + interior inspiration

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Meet this month’s stand-out customer: Agata, aka @passion_shake.  We can’t stop (won’t stop!) scrolling through her blog.  It’s just chock-full of wonderfully simple and minimalistic DIYs and interior inspiration for a happy living.  Read on as she shares with us her tips for building out your gallery walls, the inside scoop from Milan Design Week and some serious eye candy courtesy of her blog Passion Shake. Read More

Get Organized: Tips for Scanning Old Photos

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If you’re like me, you likely have stacks upon stacks of old photos spread out and tucked away in random dust-covered shoeboxes, holding your family’s memories.  Time and the wear and tear of many moves (in my case: 8 moves in 4 years) can definitely take its toll on those photos.  Lately, I’ve been thinking it might be time to digitize them in order to preserve, and keep them safe so I can easily share them at the drop of a hat.  My most current project is getting my favorites into an heirloom photo book as a Mother’s Day gift. Read More

9 cute photos to take of your kids this week | Kid photography | Impressed blog

9 Photo Ideas for Kids

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Photography is all about capturing the things, places and people you love. While most parents are snap-happy when it comes to their littles, they often aren’t aware of all the possibilities.  There is no shortage of inspiration out there for creatively capturing the beauty in your babes.  Below, we’ve teamed up with Mingo Kids to share 9 great photo ideas for shots of your kids.  No need to be a pro, or even have a fancy DSLR, just a smartphone will do!  We hope you find them as helpful as we do!

Impressed x Mingo guide | 9 cute photos to take of your kids this week

Read More


Made with love gift guide: dog canvas

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At Impressed, our belief is that the best gifts are made with love.  When I look back at holidays past, my most memorable gifts have been ones that were handmade by loved ones, and created with thought, time and tons of love.  I honestly couldn’t recount which gifts were purchased for me last year, but I can recall the fuzzy feelings I experienced almost a decade ago, when unwrapping a cookbook full of my favorite family recipes, all handwritten and put together by my parents when I first moved out on my own.  The hours they must have spent!  It has moved around the country with me, sits among my collection of cookbooks and makes me happy every time I see it. Read More