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6 Low Maintenance Houseplants Anyone Can Handle

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Fall is the January of fashion.  We also like to think of it as a perfect opportunity to re-vamp our spaces.  New season, new wardrobe, new home.  After a crazy Summer, we kind of look forward to settling back into a routine and getting on with nesting season (along with a few other Fall things).

One thing we really miss about Summer is the vibrancy of the greenery all around us.  We can’t stand to be away from it for another 8 months, so we’ve decided to bring the green in!  And, we’ve done all the research so you can too.  Since we are often low on time, we’ve found 6 low-maintenance houseplants anyone can handle.  No green thumb?  No problem.

Here’s the lowdown on super easy houseplants you’ll love… and can absolutely keep alive! Read More


Creating an Insta-Worthy Home

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Ever wonder how the people behind those beautiful Instagram accounts continually manage to have the most picture perfect home set-ups?  It’s as if they went to the secret Instagram store to pick-up the quintessential bed sheets, coffee cups, florals and tabletops and had a stylist come through before the day’s grams.  Since this elusive shop doesn’t exist (yet!), and we can confirm that for the most part, these Instagrammers are a one man show, we have the next best thing to help you create an Insta-worthy home.  Get the scoop from these 3 talented Instagrammers who have a knack for just that. Read More

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Photo Book Layout: Magazine Style

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It’s no secret that a clean aesthetic is one of the reasons why magazines like Cereal and Kinfolk are so popular. Lately, we’ve been striving to create irresistible photo books that take on a vibe similar to these magazines.  We’ve had loads of practice putting together photo book layouts around here, and as a result, we’ve been able to uncover a few good guidelines.  Today, we’d like to share our knowledge with you so you too can create clean photo books that adopt the same principles as editorial spreads in magazines that you will be proud to show off. Read More

Tips for the Perfect Photo Book

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Currently, Lynne is on a family vacation in London.  Her daily photo shares have inspired me to lay out a few tips and ideas of shots to take to create that perfect photo book.  While London is a very exciting destination and will likely make for an amazing photo book upon her return, you don’t need to travel far to put these tips into practice and get a great grouping of shots together.

With all the 4th of July festivities, this weekend is an excellent opportunity to get started. Read More


Making Photos with Dad & Instagrammer Michael Pinet

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Even though we live in the same city, we only know Instagrammer Michael Pinet via pleasant email conversations and his architecturally inclined Instagram account.  The desaturated and texture rich aesthetic of his feed always has us staring at every detail a little longer than usual.

With Father’s Day around the corner, we thought it was only appropriate to delve a little deeper into Michael’s home life as a Dad, and his tips on capturing textures.  Below, Michael explains what it means to make photos…

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6 Weekend Activities to Inspire Great Photos (part 2)

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Last week, we shared with you part one of our top 6 ideas for weekend escapades that are amusing and photo-worthy.

With the weekend fast-approaching, we’re excited to share with you more weekend activities that’ll get you soaking in that vitamin D, spending quality time with your favorite people and taking great shots to look back on.  

Read on for part two

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6 Weekend Activities to Inspire Great Photos

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These days, finding and planning that perfect weekend activity gets us going all week, especially if that excursion also happens to be photo-worthy.

During our own quest for fun and unique weekend adventures, we’ve laid out our top 6 ideas for experiences that are amusing and will surely inspire you to take a few snaps… Weekend activities fit for anyone who’s wanting to make the most of the outdoors and the days ahead.  Get ready to take your weekending to the next level, with the first part of our series.

Part two can be found here.

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Brunching + Exploring México City with cestmaria

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On a recent trip to Mexico City, we were really excited to have the chance to connect with Marioly Vazquez of @cestmaria in person.  Living over 550 miles North in Monterrey, Maria was kind enough to make the trip down so we could have a day of brunching and exploring in México D.F.  Today’s Instagram feed is filled with photos of our findings from that day, and below, Maria gives us an inside peek into her favorite hidden gems, as well as a few creative tips on how to spot and photograph them.  

We had to get at least one picture together(especially considering we practically matched)

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9 Tips for Capturing Photos of Children in Interesting and Beautiful Settings

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Meet Danielle Chassin, the woman behind the @hippieindisguise Instagram account: self-taught hobby iPhone photographer, adventure-seeker and mama to the beautiful Ro and Sen.  We were recently acquainted with her through her Instagram feed and were instantly attracted to the gorgeous candid photographs she posts of her children in unique settings (99% of them taken within walking distance from her downtown Ottawa home!). 

This week, we were lucky enough to have Danielle share some tips on capturing great photos of children…

Capturing great photos is about actively looking around you, learning to spot beauty in the everyday.  I don’t travel great distances to perfect locations, I make the most of what’s around me.  Capturing great photos of children is about ensuring children are happy and comfortable around the camera; this will let you take candid or natural-looking photos, with a range of facial expressions. Here are some of my tips for capturing great photos of children.

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