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Your Holiday 2016 Wrap Inspiration

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With the start of November just around the corner, this is the time of year we like to start getting our ducks in a row for the upcoming holiday season; gifting lists, holiday cards and most fun of all: gift wrapping style!

Before the holiday madness kicks in, we wanted to share with you a few tips and inspiration to getting your gifts looking pretty even if you’re not the craftiest of types.

First things first, gift tags.

Dress up your gifts with personalized gift tags.  We like printing our own on Impressed App’s 3×3″ mini prints.


1. A photo of a special moment shared with the recipient makes for a great gift topper that they can re-use as a daily memento even once the holiday season has come and gone.


2. Print a stock photo of a scene you know your recipient will enjoy.

TIP #1: our favorite sites for downloading awesome stock photographs for printing are and Unsplash

TIP #2: use the sites’ search tools to find particular scenes or themes such as ‘forest’ or ‘ocean’

[print on far left courtesy of @laurenmichelleanderson]

3. Print free original artwork and graphics directly from Impressed’s ‘Free Artwork’ section.

TIP: find it in your photo sources section, once you start making prints

[palm tree print courtesy of @laurenmichelleanderson]

4. Consider getting 2 different sizes of gift tags and layering them to create unique combinations.

Onwards: wrapping paper

We’re huge fans of purchasing rolls of solid wrapping paper (2 complimentary colors will do!) and letting the accenting and ribbon shine.  This year, we even played around with layering our paper to create a color blocking effect.

Finishing touches

We typically like to choose 3 colors that would go well together as part of our theme and let those colors inspire our accents.  Your accents don’t have to quite read holiday either - think outside of the box and have fun with it!


  • greenery
  • ribbon + string
  • colored sharpies for making patterns + designs directly on your wrapping paper
  • washi tape

TIP: we used ours to make patterns and affix tags to our gifts


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The Most Instagrammable Summer Accessories

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Not long ago, we talked about how we wished there was a special Instagram shop, where one could stock-up on all things photo-worthy to accessorize your life.  Since that place isn’t quite in existence yet, we’ve come up with the next best thing… a round-up of the most Instagrammable summer accessories sure to make for fun moments and photos (above and beyond last season’s quintessential pineapple).

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Get Organized: Tips for Scanning Old Photos

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If you’re like me, you likely have stacks upon stacks of old photos spread out and tucked away in random dust-covered shoeboxes, holding your family’s memories.  Time and the wear and tear of many moves (in my case: 8 moves in 4 years) can definitely take its toll on those photos.  Lately, I’ve been thinking it might be time to digitize them in order to preserve, and keep them safe so I can easily share them at the drop of a hat.  My most current project is getting my favorites into an heirloom photo book as a Mother’s Day gift. Read More

Easy steps to creating your own photo adventure

Your Next Photo Adventure How-To

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Recently, as a team building exercise, we went on a Hole in the Wall Food Crawl, organized by our team leaders.  It was such a pleasant surprise and ended up being an incredibly memorable event.

The crawl included 7 gems we may have otherwise missed in the city.  Each had offerings of small portions we could try.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon, fill our bellies, hang out, and try a few new foods.  Crawling around the city also permitted for great photo opportunities.

With your city as your playground, we challenge you to plan your own photo adventure.  It’s a great excuse to get outside, spend some time with your faves without breaking the bank and snap a few pics with fresh inspiration. Read More