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Fall is the January of fashion.  We also like to think of it as a perfect opportunity to re-vamp our spaces.  New season, new wardrobe, new home.  After a crazy Summer, we kind of look forward to settling back into a routine and getting on with nesting season (along with a few other Fall things).

One thing we really miss about Summer is the vibrancy of the greenery all around us.  We can’t stand to be away from it for another 8 months, so we’ve decided to bring the green in!  And, we’ve done all the research so you can too.  Since we are often low on time, we’ve found 6 low-maintenance houseplants anyone can handle.  No green thumb?  No problem.

Here’s the lowdown on super easy houseplants you’ll love… and can absolutely keep alive!

[cover image via: I’m Breanna Rose]

The Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

The snake plant is the perfect low maintenance plant as it might be the most tolerant.  It can survive neglect for weeks at a time.  Its structural leaves will brighten up any room.

Bonus: they’ll improve the air quality in your home by removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Plant care: put them in indirect sunlight, and let the soil dry out between waterings. they can survive in low light,

Size: 8 inches to 12 feet high (depending on the species)

[image via: Smitten Studio]

The Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)

The Ponytail Palm is an ideal houseplant for beginners.  Despite its name, this guy isn’t a palm at all.

Bonus: nicknamed ‘elephant’s foot’ due to its bulbous trunk, you can count on its sturdiness (sorry pets, no knocking this one over!).

Plant care: keep soil fairly dry, water from spring to fall allowing the soil to dry in between waterings.  In the winter, water occasionally.  Bring into a brighter room for the summer.  You only need to re-pot once every 3-4 years.

Size: 3 feet tall

Air plants (Epiphytes or Tillandsia)

Air plants are just the best.  They don’t need soil to survive, meaning the possibilities are endless when arranging them.

Bonus: they survive on nothing, they’re affordable and are easy to incorporate into your interior décor.  They can even grow under fluorescent lights!

Plant care: mist once per week to keep them healthy.  Keep them in a window in bright light, but not direct sun (they will however, tolerate 2-3 hours of direct sun per day).   Air plants will attach themselves to tree bark, moss or some other host as a home base, but they take all their nutrients from the water they absorb from the air. They don’t sink roots into soil at all.

Size: usually no larger than your hand

[image via: Etsy]


Succulents have boomed in popularity in recent years for their ease of care and color/shape variety.  We could spend all day on Pinterest getting inspired by succulent arrangements.  We especially love Aloe Vera for its medicinal properties, the Echeveria for its beautiful blooms, and the Chain of Hearts for its heart-shaped leaves.

Bonus: timeless and look stunning on their own or clustered together.

Plant care: while each variety is a little different, for the most part: keep them in east-facing windows if you can (they need about 6 hours of sunlight per day).  In the summer, let the soil dry out between waterings.  In the winter, water about every 2 weeks.  Keep them in terracotta or ceramic pots for better airflow.

Size: all kinds!

[image via: Julia Kostreva]

The Swiss Cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa)

While the Monstera deliciosa is low maintenance, and has the potential to become larger than life.  Disclaimer: this plant is toxic, so best to keep away from little ones and pets.

Bonus: the presence of such large green leaves will bring you back to a tropical place.

Plant care: gentle sunlight and when watering, be sure to get all of the soil evenly moist, then wait until it has dried out some before re-watering.

Size: with age, this plant will become a monster, definitely suited to larger spaces.  If space is limited however, look out for the M. deliciosa borsigiana or mini.  To keep the leaves shiny and polished, clean them regularly.

[image via: Mustaovi]

The Pothos plant (Epipremnum aureum)

The fast-growing vine-like Pothos is a great starting point if you’ve never owned a houseplant. It’s no-fuss, making for an easy way to add green into your space. As much as we love it, this plant is poisonous when ingested.

Bonus: since the Pothos can survive in almost any variety of light, you can use it as an addition to brighten up an otherwise dull bathroom or office space.

Plant care: the Pothos enjoys a wide variety of environments, including dry soil or vases of water. It will tolerate many different light conditions, but avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

[image via: SF Girl by Bay]

Now that we know that easy, low maintenance houseplants that won’t die on us are a real possibility, we can’t wait to add a lush burst of color to our space.