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Your Holiday 2016 Wrap Inspiration

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With the start of November just around the corner, this is the time of year we like to start getting our ducks in a row for the upcoming holiday season; gifting lists, holiday cards and most fun of all: gift wrapping style!

Before the holiday madness kicks in, we wanted to share with you a few tips and inspiration to getting your gifts looking pretty even if you’re not the craftiest of types.

First things first, gift tags.

Dress up your gifts with personalized gift tags.  We like printing our own on Impressed App’s 3×3″ mini prints.


1. A photo of a special moment shared with the recipient makes for a great gift topper that they can re-use as a daily memento even once the holiday season has come and gone.


2. Print a stock photo of a scene you know your recipient will enjoy.

TIP #1: our favorite sites for downloading awesome stock photographs for printing are Magdaleine.co and Unsplash

TIP #2: use the sites’ search tools to find particular scenes or themes such as ‘forest’ or ‘ocean’

[print on far left courtesy of @laurenmichelleanderson]

3. Print free original artwork and graphics directly from Impressed’s ‘Free Artwork’ section.

TIP: find it in your photo sources section, once you start making prints

[palm tree print courtesy of @laurenmichelleanderson]

4. Consider getting 2 different sizes of gift tags and layering them to create unique combinations.

Onwards: wrapping paper

We’re huge fans of purchasing rolls of solid wrapping paper (2 complimentary colors will do!) and letting the accenting and ribbon shine.  This year, we even played around with layering our paper to create a color blocking effect.

Finishing touches

We typically like to choose 3 colors that would go well together as part of our theme and let those colors inspire our accents.  Your accents don’t have to quite read holiday either - think outside of the box and have fun with it!


  • greenery
  • ribbon + string
  • colored sharpies for making patterns + designs directly on your wrapping paper
  • washi tape

TIP: we used ours to make patterns and affix tags to our gifts


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Life Well-Lived: DIYs, memory keeping with Ally

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Say hello to Ally of @allyyoung8112, our feature customer this month: Toronto-based visual merchandiser for Club Monaco, this mama to 1 year old Hudson is all about curating her space full of reminders of a life well-lived.  We first discovered Ally because she had tagged Impressed in a wall art display of hers on Instagram.  Ever since, we have loved following along as she DIYs her way through re-decorating her gorgeous Boho Beach House (when can we come over?). Read More


Washi DIYs for Happy Walls

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On our mission to make walls everywhere happy, we’ve been long time fans of washi tape and have spent many a Friday toying around with various washi DIY projects.  We were sold the minute we discovered it was wall-safe and so inexpensive.  The possibilities are endless and when you grow tired of your wall decor, you can remove it and get re-inspired with a new project.

If your walls are in a funk, we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas below for getting them out of it.  Try one!  Your walls and your wallet will thank you. Read More

Impressed app | get your friends together and host a photo trading party

A Photo Trading Party & How to Host One

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Last week, the lovely Aprille Balsom (aka. @apebalsom) had her gals @heatherwiles, @deanng and @suckiebb over for a photo trading party over candy and ciders.

Nowadays, we so rarely take the time to print the photos we capture of our memories, let alone the time to relive them.  Studies have shown that looking at photos of your friends can actually boost happiness by raising your oxytocin levels.

Instead of letting your favorite moments get lost on your camera roll, why not gather the people who helped make them and host a photo exchange? Read More

washi DIY wallpaper by Impressed app

Washi DIY: cross wallpaper project

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We’ve seen a multitude of uses for washi tape with everything ranging from hanging photos, to enhancing your desk chair, and have been pinning like mad about it over the last few months.

For the most part, these washi DIY projects actually turn out really okay because the beauty of washi tape is that it’s wall-safe and removable so any mistake is easily corrected.

If you’re as obsessed with washi as we are, you’ll likely appreciate this effortless washi DIY cross wallpaper project… all for under $12!

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Hang your Photo Prints in 3 Easy Ways

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Since our taste in photo wall décor is ever-evolving, we’re always trying to come up with solutions for alluring wall displays.  And since we’re not well versed in power tools, these solutions need to be easy, transitory and wall-safe.    There’s an ebb and flow to the trends that strike our fancy, but the desire for self-expression seems everlasting.

Make your walls happy with these 3 simple ways to hang your (of the moment) photo prints.

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Anna Ciolina's wall arrangement of Impressed prints

Kids Décor + Being a Mom-trepreneur

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Between styling kids décor, Instagram-ing, photographing children and being a Mom-trepreneur, Anna Ciolina is one busy lady.

We first discovered Anna through her minimalistic and modern Instagram gallery, and were instant admirers.  Despite the ocean and timezones separating us (Rotterdam is where Anna calls home), we were grateful to connect and collaborate on the newest DIY Deco Kit. 

For this month’s edition of the Impressed DIY Deco Kit, Mom-trepreneur (to the sweetest little girl, Stella) and talented photographer Anna chose to create a binding kit for your prints.

Below, Anna gives us the lowdown on how she juggles memory-making with the little one, work and play.  Read on!

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