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A Made with Love holiday gift guide

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If you’re anything like us, you love a good DIY, especially a really thoughtful one that can be gifted to your loved ones over the holidays.

We’ve rounded up our top 5 ideas for personal gifts that are easy, made with love, and tested by the Impressed team (no Pinterest fails here!).

Be sure to click through each one for our how-to + tips.

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Made with love gift guide: DIY leather valet tray

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Just over a week ago, we posted the first part to our Made with Love gift guide series.  Today, we’ll take you through one of the easiest and inexpensive DIYs we’ve ever tried: a handmade leather catchall.  This one has been sitting on our Pinterest DIY Projects board for months!  Inspired by a tutorial we saw on The Everygirl, our version is perfectly measured to double as a holder for a set of Impressed prints.

Make one for everyone on your list in one swift afternoon.  Be sure to keep one for yourself to help contain that entryway clutter too! Read More


Using Photo Prints in Your Dinner Party Decor

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With the festive season just around the corner, gathering our nearest and dearest for a dinner affair of sorts is inevitable.  A beautiful tablescape and the most personal place settings are definite contributors to any successful dinner party.  Below, we outline 4 easy guidelines for incorporating photo prints to add a special touch to your next dinner party decor.

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Washi DIYs for Happy Walls

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On our mission to make walls everywhere happy, we’ve been long time fans of washi tape and have spent many a Friday toying around with various washi DIY projects.  We were sold the minute we discovered it was wall-safe and so inexpensive.  The possibilities are endless and when you grow tired of your wall decor, you can remove it and get re-inspired with a new project.

If your walls are in a funk, we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas below for getting them out of it.  Try one!  Your walls and your wallet will thank you. Read More


Fall Activities to Inspire Great Photos

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Okay, we’ve accepted that bathing suit season is over and that it’s now officially fall.  It’s really not so bad, especially considering there are a few fun fall activities to look forward to.  We’re not ready to go into hibernation just yet and the slightly crisp weather makes us want to bundle up, grab our favorite cozy beverage, and plan our weekends around some of these photo-worthy fall activities.

In hopes that you too, will partake in some of the below, and enjoy every bit of the fall season.

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washi DIY wallpaper by Impressed app

Washi DIY: cross wallpaper project

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We’ve seen a multitude of uses for washi tape with everything ranging from hanging photos, to enhancing your desk chair, and have been pinning like mad about it over the last few months.

For the most part, these washi DIY projects actually turn out really okay because the beauty of washi tape is that it’s wall-safe and removable so any mistake is easily corrected.

If you’re as obsessed with washi as we are, you’ll likely appreciate this effortless washi DIY cross wallpaper project… all for under $12!

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