DIY Wall Display

Dress up your walls with this 5 minute DIY wall display project, by this month’s feature customer Bridgette Larcada (aka. @bridgettemargot).


(1) gather your prints, and map out your shape

Bridgette used 32 prints to create the 1 on her wall for daughter Lyla’s first birthday party.  She started by gathering her prints and playing around with them on the floor until she found the right placement.

(2) start from the bottom centre

Start affixing your shape to the wall from the bottom and centre, and work your way out.  Use a wall-safe double-sided tape (we like Scotch by 3M’s Removable Poster Tape)

(3) enjoy!

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  • John Winston

    Such a lovely way to give a personal touch to your room walls. You can also add a gorgeous mandala tapestry on the wall for a classy look.